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A New Activity for the Kids

Courtesy of USAService, instructions and a US address for making a Gratitude Package for Troops.  This is a great activity for young children, and one that they can do in large part on their own.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for your posts. I am wondering what your take is on the point where us Gen-X parents go overboard in taking care of our kids? I realize that many of us were raised almost entirely hands-off, but what happens when we go to the other (over)-protective extreme? I have encountered this behavior at several schools, and I think our ability to create community hangs in the balance.

    I have been writing a bit about generations lately and would be happy to hear your comments: http://blog.sohigian.com/2009/01/27/the-x-community/

    Go X!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Dave. This is an interesting point. I haven’t really thought about it too much, but I do think that we can’t anymore, exclusively, to raise a child on “track” to go to Standford/Harvard/Yale/Princeton, etc. and achieve, achieve, achieve without society/culture paying a severe price. I think the hyper-competitive mentality that you can sometimes see in well-off suburbs and cities can in fact contribute to the death of community and civic responsibility.

    Of course, for me academic education is paramount, but equally important is raising a child with who can empathize, who has a real sense of her place in the world, of his local and global community, and who will grow up to work and act in concert with values that will sustain community/environment. Of course, this involves empowering children to be involved with their peers, to make good decisions, not hovering and over-protecting/sheltering.

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