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The End Of Irony

The End of Irony in American Family Life: Raising Generation O

The Obama/Biden campaign galvanized the country, including me–a former community worker, radical activist, war tax resister, and international peace organizer, who’d become hopelessly disillusioned, cynical, and oppositional about government and civic involvement.

But Obama fever swept over our two young children much as it swept over us.  And as we watched Obama’s calls for service, things changed.  Our kids cared who got elected. They knew the issues. They sold Lemonade for Change.

I began to imagine a new dimension of family life–one which married my former commitment to volunteering and service with the active education and engagement of our children in civic and community service.   After all, I’m teaching my kids how to read and write, how to dress themselves and make their beds, how to eat…why not teach them about civic life? and about the importance of responsibility to others and to the communities they live in?

Now, the Obama/Biden administration plans to institute a program of Universal Volutary Service, which will enable all Americans to serve their community and country in varied and diverse ways.  My husband and I believe this is the beginning of new era not just in government, but in how many of us will raise our children.

These pages tell the story of how one family got involved again, and what happened when they brought their two young children with them.

Raising Generation O:  Because Obama ’08 changed our family life.

Visit. Read. Tell me how it’s changed yours.

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